Kulwinder Kaur CISF Constable: The Full Story Behind the Slap Incident with Kangana Ranaut Over Farmers' Protest

Who is Kulwinder Kaur?

Kulwinder Kaur, a dedicated constable in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), has recently gained widespread attention following a controversial incident involving the renowned Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. 

Who is Kulwinder Kaur?

This event has brought Kaur into the spotlight, highlighting not just her professional life but also her personal background and the circumstances leading up to the incident.

Early Life and Background

Kulwinder Kaur was born and raised in Sultanpur Lodhi, a town in the Punjab region of India. Growing up in a family with deep roots in the agricultural sector, Kaur was closely connected to the farming community from an early age. This background played a significant role in shaping her views and values, particularly concerning the rights and struggles of farmers in India.

Career in CISF

Kaur joined the CISF in 2009, dedicating her life to the security of the nation. Her commitment and dedication to her duties saw her posted at various crucial locations, eventually leading to her assignment at Chandigarh Airport in 2021. Here, she worked diligently to ensure the safety and security of the passengers and the airport premises.

Personal Life

Kulwinder Kaur is not just a committed officer but also a devoted family woman. She is married, and interestingly, her husband also serves in the CISF. The couple is stationed at the same airport, sharing both their professional and personal lives in close quarters. They have two children, and Kaur's commitment to her family is as strong as her dedication to her profession. Additionally, Kaur’s brother, Sher Singh, is a notable farmer leader and the secretary of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, which indicates her family's active involvement in farmer's issues.

The Incident with Kangana Ranaut

The incident that thrust Kulwinder Kaur into the national limelight occurred on a seemingly routine day at Chandigarh Airport. Kangana Ranaut, who had recently won a parliamentary seat from the Mandi constituency, arrived at the airport. According to reports, the altercation began when Kaur approached Ranaut and allegedly slapped her.

Context of the Incident

The root of the conflict lies in Ranaut's statements about the ongoing farmers' protests in India. Ranaut had made several comments criticizing the farmers' protests, which were seen as derogatory by many, especially those directly or indirectly connected to the farming community. She accused the protestors of being driven by monetary incentives, a claim that was met with widespread outrage.

Kaur’s Motivation

Kulwinder Kaur, whose own family had been part of the protests, was reportedly deeply offended by Ranaut’s statements. In a video circulating on social media, Kaur expressed her anger, mentioning that her mother had participated in the protests, which added a personal dimension to her actions. Her brother, being an active participant and leader in the farmers' movement, further underscores the personal stake she had in the issue.

Aftermath and Repercussions

Following the incident, the CISF took swift action against Kaur. She was suspended from her duties, and an FIR was registered against her. The CISF also ordered a Court of Inquiry to investigate the matter thoroughly. This incident has sparked a heated debate on social media and in public forums, with opinions sharply divided. Some people support Kaur’s actions as a stand against perceived injustice, while others condemn the assault on a public figure.

Public Reaction

The public reaction to this incident has been polarized. On one hand, many people, especially those sympathetic to the farmers' cause, have expressed support for Kaur, viewing her actions as a form of protest against the derogatory comments made by Ranaut. On the other hand, there are those who believe that regardless of personal beliefs, such actions cannot be justified, especially from someone in a position of authority.

Legal and Professional Consequences

The legal and professional consequences for Kaur are still unfolding. The suspension and the FIR have marked the beginning of what could be a lengthy legal battle. The Court of Inquiry by the CISF will determine the extent of disciplinary action that might be taken against her.

Broader Implications

This incident has broader implications beyond the immediate legal and professional repercussions for Kaur. It highlights the deep-seated tensions and emotions surrounding the farmers' protests, which have been a significant issue in India for several years. It also underscores the impact of public figures' statements on sensitive issues and how they can provoke strong reactions from ordinary citizens.


Kulwinder Kaur's story is a complex one, intertwined with personal convictions, professional duties, and broader socio-political issues. As the legal proceedings and investigations continue, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the volatile nature of public discourse in India today. Kaur, through her actions, has become a symbol of the deep personal and emotional investment that many have in the farmers' protests, reflecting the profound connections between personal lives and broader national issues.


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