Kangana Ranaut Slap Case: Second Slap Incident Caught on Camera - Watch the Video

Kangana Ranaut Slap Case: Second Slap Incident Caught on Camera - Watch the Video

The recent slap incident involving Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh Airport has taken the internet by storm. Following the initial controversy where CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur slapped Kangana, a new twist has emerged with another slap caught on camera, adding more complexity to the incident. Here’s a detailed account of what transpired.

Kangana Ranaut Slap Case:

The Initial Incident

On her way from Mandi to Delhi, Kangana Ranaut faced an unexpected confrontation at Chandigarh Airport. During a routine security check, CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur allegedly slapped the actress. The incident was recorded and quickly went viral, showing a visibly upset and angry Kangana.

The Second Slap Revealed

In the same viral video, a second slap incident was recorded, which has now caught the public's attention. This time, the target was a woman standing next to Kangana, dressed in a black coat and pants, holding the actress's bag. She was slapped by another individual accompanying Kangana, who was wearing a Himachali cap.

Details from the Video

The video footage shows Kangana's companion slapping the woman and questioning her. This woman, whose identity remains unknown, was possibly part of the airport staff or Kangana’s personal assistant. Social media erupted with reactions to this new revelation, with many users condemning the second slap and calling for accountability.

Social Media Reactions

The video of the second slap has generated significant debate online. Some users have expressed concern over the respect and dignity of the woman who was slapped, while others have drawn parallels between Kangana’s companion and Kulwinder Kaur, demanding similar punitive actions for both.

Context Behind the Incident

Kangana Ranaut’s confrontation at the airport can be traced back to her statements regarding the farmers' protests in India. Ranaut had criticized the protests, alleging that participants were being paid to join, which deeply offended many, including Kulwinder Kaur. Kaur, whose mother was part of the protests, took particular offense to Kangana's comments.

Kulwinder Kaur's Response

Following the slap incident, Kulwinder Kaur was suspended and an FIR was registered against her. She expressed her reasons for the slap, stating, “Kangana said women were sitting in the farmers' protest for 100-100 rupees. My mother was sitting there.” This personal connection to the farmers' protests fueled Kaur’s actions.

Legal and Professional Consequences

The consequences of the initial slap were immediate for Kulwinder Kaur. The CISF took disciplinary action by suspending her and initiating a Court of Inquiry. The legal process is ongoing, and Kaur faces potential further consequences depending on the investigation’s findings.

Broader Implications

The second slap incident raises additional questions about the behavior and actions of public figures and their entourages. It also underscores the intense emotions and personal stakes involved in the farmers' protests, highlighting the deep divisions and passionate responses elicited by such social and political issues.


The double slap incident involving Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh Airport is more than just a viral video; it reflects the broader societal tensions and personal grievances tied to the farmers' protests in India. As investigations continue and public debate rages on, this incident will likely remain a significant talking point, illustrating the volatile mix of celebrity, politics, and personal conviction in contemporary India.


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